Apple Watch 8 Free Applications

If you’re looking for free Apple Watch applications, you’ve come to the right place. There are some great apps available for you to download right now. Countdowns, ActivityTracker Pedometer, Calcbot, Todoist, and many more. Read on to find the best apps for your watch. And as always, remember to try out as many as you can! This way, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your needs.

애플워치 8 Countdowns

You can find Countdowns in free Apple Watch apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and now on your wrist. The app offers colorful widgets, repeating timers, importing events from your calendar, and a compact display mode. It can also handle events in the past, present, and future. For a full list of features, visit the app’s website. It’s free, and it’s worth checking out.

ActivityTracker Pedometer

activity tracker Pedometer is one of those free Apple Watch apps that track your daily physical activity. It automatically tracks all of your health and fitness stats, including the number of steps you’ve taken, total active time, calories burned, and floors climbed. You can set a weekly goal for your steps, and the app will keep track of your progress each day. If you have a fitness goal that you would like to meet, you can even set goals for yourself.


If you’ve been using the iPhone’s Todoist to-do list application, you probably want to take it to your Apple Watch. The app makes it easy to keep track of tasks and even lets you speak the task on your wrist. With just a couple of simple buttons, you can see your list at a glance, complete tasks, reply to comments, and share completed actions with your co-workers. You can also sync your iPhone’s Todoist with the Apple Watch, meaning you can access your work and personal information from both.


If you’re looking for a free Apple Watch app, Calcbot is worth trying. The app is a powerful calculator that can perform all kinds of basic calculations. It has a force-touch menu system, a conversion table, and a unit converter. While it doesn’t offer a fancy scientific calculator, it’s easy to use and solves most math problems. Calcbot also has a variety of customizable settings, including custom animation and sound watch 8 special band


The Runtastic Apple Watch app is perfect for tracking your workouts. It provides easy-to-use controls to monitor distance, speed, elevation, calories burned, and more. Once paired with your iPhone, it can even send call alerts to your watch. The Runtastic app also syncs with your exercise ring goals, so you can set and achieve your personal bests. The app is free to download and use, though there are premium options available for $10 per month. Premium memberships also come with no advertisements and access to nutrition information.

Facebook Messenger

To get Facebook Messenger on your Apple Watch, download the app from the App Store. After you’ve downloaded the app, you can pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone. Once paired, simply press the Get button or the cloud icon to install Messenger. To get Messenger on your Apple Watch, follow the instructions below. To connect with friends and family on Messenger, click on your profile picture and click on “Share” at the bottom of the screen.


When it comes to Twitter for the Apple Watch, there are several options. One is the traditional timeline view that features the latest five tweets, while another is the “Tweet” feature that allows you to share your location, favorite an emoji, or speak to send a tweet. However, the “Tweet” feature on Apple Watch has some limitations. For example, it does not work with hyperlinks or mentions. Instead, the Apple Watch shows you icons that include reply, favorite, and dismiss. If you’re using Twitter for the first time, you’ll need to install the free Twitter application for the Apple Watch.