“Communication” through “Jeju Island Trip”

Can I go to Jeju Island by subway from Busan? On the 12th, an event was held in Suyeong-gu, Busan, where you can feel the emotions of Jeju Island in front of the Gwangalli Sea, drawing attention.

The Veramonday Club, a platform that is striving to form a local community for office workers, and the cafe’s pub “Aild Blue” located in Suyeong-gu, Busan, have collaborated to prepare an event to provide “unique experiences” in the lives of office workers.

In particular, in Ayld Blue, the feeling of camping in Jeju has doubled due to the cute interior of the brick interior, blue plants, and surfboard that feels like Jeju Island, and the Gwangalli beach in front of me. CEO Ha In-deok said, “We decorated it so that you can enjoy it like a vacation spot. Here, he explained, “It is a space where you can enjoy Gwangalli certification shots.”

Participants gathered one by one from 9:50 for the 10 o’clock event. They wore name tags engraved with their real names on their chests and sat in the order they came. Even though he greeted me with an awkward smile, a “mission card” soon created a “harmonious” atmosphere by blowing a bundle of his stories as if he had done so as if he had never done so.

From 10:30 p.m., a “photo contest” was held to introduce photos taken in Jeju Island, not in the group, and to introduce what memories are hidden. Ko Eun-soo, a participant, explained, “I went on a trip with my mom and my boyfriend at Seongsan Ilchulbong, and my mom pretended to be pretty and tried to take a picture, so I posed strangely to make my mom laugh, and my boyfriend took a picture of this situation.” Other participants expressed sympathy with the explanation, sending “haha-ho-ho” laughter.

In the process, participants continued to talk about “Jeju-do restaurants” while eating “brunch” provided by Ayld Blue.

Participants then doubled their interest in “Jeju Island” by answering the Jeju dialect quiz. When a total of 11 dialect quizzes, including △Jaegeopseo (Come quickly) △ Hayoung Pickupseo (Give me more) △Got fooled (Great job), the participants showed a puzzled look, “What does that mean?” but soon raised their hands and showed an active appearance to get the answer.

Participants in the event of the “Veramonday Club,” which was held in collaboration with Eilde Blue, a cafe located in Suyeong-gu, Busan, are listening to a story about a participant’s trip to Jeju Island in Eilde Blue on the morning of the 12th.

Some of the participants shared their own ways of traveling to Jeju Island. Lee Jung-hyun said, “I quit my job in August last year and went to Jeju Island. I think it cost about 3 million won a month, including accommodation and food, he said. “In modern society, I always live tied to time, and it was good that I was able to travel completely without any pressure.” Cho Hyun-ah shared YouTube videos she took while traveling to Jeju Island and talked about “tourist attractions” and recommended places in each region.

Participants’ satisfaction with the program was quite high. This is because participants who were interested in Jeju Island called “Jeju Island Travel” gathered and were able to naturally talk and exchange about common interests.

Tak Hyang-jung, who participated, said, “It was my first time participating in such a program. In fact, it was more fun than I thought to share my story in front of people, he said. “I’m grateful for the composition.” Kang Na-gyeom said, “I’m going to Jeju Island for the first time next month, and I get various advice. It’s time to make plans, but I saved them all. “I’m looking forward to having a good trip,” he said. 제주도 맛집

Meanwhile, the Veramonday Club collaborated with Eildblue and others following Thesoga. The Veramonday Club is expected to continue to work with local brands in Busan to form a “community” of office workers who share their “taste.”