Cough-Friendly Food For Babies

If your bundle of joy has a cough or cold, you must feed him healthy foods that are easy to digest and rich in nutrients. Babies and toddlers lose their appetite during this time and may refuse to eat. But if they do not get adequate nutrition, it can weaken their immune system and make them prone to more infections.

Chicken soup, which is a comforting and nutritious meal, is a good choice when your child has a cough or cold. The warm broth hydrates the body, soothes the throat and provides essential nutrients like potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B6. It also helps to reduce inflammation. You can prepare it at home by heating up some chicken broth in a saucepan with chopped carrots, diced onions and sliced celery. Add some ginger and turmeric powder for extra flavour. Season with salt and pepper and serve.

This is a nutrient-rich, quick and easy food to make for your baby when he has a cough or cold. It is high in protein, fibre and vitamins that are needed to boost immunity. You can whip it up using a blender or hand-held mixer. You can also include banana, berries and milk in it for added flavour and nutrient value.

Pomegranate is an antioxidant-rich fruit that can help ease a cough. It has anti-inflammatory properties and contains a compound that can liquefy mucus, thus making it easier for the body to clear it out. You can drink pomegranate juice daily or include it in your smoothies.

Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple, has anti-inflammatory and mucolytic properties that help to break down and thin out the phlegm stuck in the throat. You can have it in fresh or dried form, a bowl of stew, as a topping on toast or in salads.

Garlic is known to have anti-viral, antifungal and antibacterial properties, which can help fight off infections causing your child’s cough or cold. It can be eaten raw as a snack or added to chicken soup.

Honey has a soothing effect on the throat, which can help relieve a dry cough. It can also thin the secretions and loosen the cough. However, you should not give honey to children under one year as it can cause botulism, a life-threatening condition.