Multichannel Distribution of Lawyers – Advantages, Challenges, and Alternatives

Why should you consider multichannel distribution for your legal practice? Read on to learn about the advantages, challenges, and alternatives. You’ll also learn how to effectively advise your clients about the benefits of multichannel distribution. Here are a few examples of cases where multichannel distribution can be beneficial for your practice. Consider the following hypothetical scenario. How do you think your prospective client would search for legal advice? How would you find out if your law firm has the experience and reputation to help them resolve their case?


For more than twenty years, Roy Bailey has worked to advance the firm’s digital, social media, and external engagement strategy. He specializes in content marketing and multichannel distribution, curates relationships with external publications, and creates appropriate platforms for attorneys to promote knowledge. He has been actively involved in the Legal Marketing Association for almost a decade, and is currently president-elect. In addition to his role as a marketing manager, Roy is also a published author.


Marketing in a variety of channels is crucial for law firms. While a firm can control its marketing channels, it is still imperative to reach clients through multiple channels. Today’s ideal clients will use more than one medium to find legal services. Using various media, including social media, local events, and online, will help the firm reach its ideal client base. Listed below are a few alternatives to multichannel distribution for attorneys.

Advises clients on multichannel distribution

One of the challenges in multichannel distribution is channel conflict. For example, one channel may compete with another for the same customer, or inventory levels might be inaccurately displayed on different channels. Another channel may compete with a larger one. Similarly, a small merchant may compete with a retail goliath. This can lead to a negative customer experience and a company’s downfall. Fortunately, multichannel distribution can be handled in a way that makes it easy for clients to stay current with the legal community.