Totally Effective – How to Become More Effective in Your Job

Totally effective

Totally effective means having satisfactory results or being able to provide greater value for clients. This can include being able to solve problems in the workplace, such as when your team is short-staffed during someone’s vacation or when technology fails. Highly effective employees can find solutions quickly and work through challenges without getting stressed out.

An example of an effective solution would be finding a new way to record meeting notes for future reference. This can reduce the mental burden on the employee who has to store reminders and ideas in their brain, freeing up space for more meaningful work. Alternatively, you could take the time to put together a system like David Allen’s Getting Things Done method. This allows you to prioritize tasks and complete them in the most efficient manner possible.

Other synonyms for effective are effectual, efficacious, and efficient. While all of these mean “producing an intended result,” effective is more specific about the actual production and power to produce a desired outcome.

The difference between efficiency and effectiveness can be confusing, especially if your manager or supervisor uses both terms to describe your performance at work. This article explores the primary differences between these two terms and offers tips on becoming more effective in your job.